Experience Terreno South’s refreshing take on thriving lifestyles

Written by: Amy R. Remo

Homes and communities are now seen as vital investments in one’s well-being.

In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, shifting priorities continue to drive demand for communities that are designed to be healthy and restorative; have wide open spaces, pocket parks and lush foliage; and can offer access to fresh air and nature. Nowadays, the so-called “wellness real estate” has gained significant traction as many seek out healthy places to live in and are even willing to pay a premium for it.

Terreno South Rockwell Land

Lush foliage and full-grown trees abound in the property, and surround areas like the clubhouse.

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), “wellness real estate” is on a rapid rise as the pandemic allowed people to understand better how the built environment can impact one’s health, and had heightened their appreciation for natural areas, parks, outdoor recreation amenities and other public spaces.

Terreno South offers spaces that promote health and well-being like its Central Amenity area.

“Wellness real estate has the potential to protect and enhance the health and well-being of its occupants across multiple wellness dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and financial,” GWI stated in a report.

Wellness real estate 

Such concepts are not entirely new in the Philippines. Even prior to the pandemic, there is already considerable appreciation for homes and communities that espouse healthy living. One lush, 46-hectare community just south of Manila, in fact, perfectly captures the concept of wellness real estate.

Terreno South, Rockwell Land’s first foray in horizontal development outside the metro, epitomizes healthy living nurtured by nature—expansive open spaces, clean air, refreshing verdant landscapes lined with full grown, decades-old trees in the midst of a cool climate. Add to these the modern amenities and other conveniences that will soon be in place and which would help create that distinct, signature lifestyle which Rockwell is known for.

This may be primarily the reason why Terreno South, located in Lipa, Batangas, was well received by the market from the time it was launched in prepandemic 2018.

Terreno South Rockwell Land

Marco Vinluan, Rockwell assistant vice president and project director of Terreno South

“We are grateful for the warm reception of the market in the first horizontal development of Rockwell Land in Lipa City, Batangas. Just a little over three years since we initially launched, we’ve sold out the first two phases and the third phase is nearing its sell-out—the reason why we’re now anticipating to do simultaneous launches of our succeeding phases,” said Marco Vinluan, assistant vice president and project director of Terreno South.

“The turnover of the open lots has also been underway, and in fact, we just welcomed our very first family to usher in the new year in their recently completed dream home. We look forward to accommodating more homes to get built this year, and it will jumpstart a budding Rockwell community here in Batangas,” Vinluan said in an interview with the Inquirer.

Growing preference 

Vinluan disclosed that even during the pandemic, they observed a growing preference for properties that will allow for more open spaces and have a close proximity to nature, and Terreno South caters to this demand well.

“From the beginning, we have carefully crafted Terreno South’s masterplan to include project features and amenities that will address the needs of our market,” Vinluan said.

Helping reinforce physical, social and mental wellness of future residents are these planned pocket spaces, with sizes ranging from 600 sqm up to 5,000 sqm, which will serve as Terreno South’s Central Amenity, Community Park, Wellness and Active Fitness Parks, Pet Park, and Sports and Play Parks. Alongside this array of open spaces, future residents will be invigorated and refreshed by the presence of full-grown trees preserved within the development.

“One of the distinct characteristics of Terreno South is the 1:1 house to tree ratio, wherein for every open lot to be turned over, there’s going to be an accompanying tree for the lot owner to enjoy,” Vinluan added.

More opportunities

It’s thus unsurprising why over the last several months, Rockwell is able to tap Metro Manila buyers who, despite not having roots in Batangas, have still considered purchasing open lots in Terreno South.

“What’s notable is that these are not necessarily for investment purposes. Some of them are end-users who will want to eventually enjoy a weekend vacation house that’s only an hour and a half drive from the metro,” Vinluan said.

Currently, Park Lots, or open lots situated adjacent to open spaces, remain to be a popular choice among buyers of Terreno South as these will allow them to “enjoy a revitalizing ambiance right next to their dream home.”

For the third phase which is currently on offer, Rockwell Land has lot cuts that start at 132 sqm, with bigger widths, so that despite the required minimum property setbacks, one will still be able to design and build a house that has functional and comfortable living spaces.

Upcoming phases will meanwhile provide more opportunities for prospective investors and buyers to be part of this wellness real estate.

Vinluan stressed that now is truly the most opportune time to invest in Terreno South—to have a home in a community that values health, wellness and nature. The continued expansion of Terreno South is not only a great indication of a rising demand for the property but also of its potential for capital appreciation in the long run.

“This pandemic has also compelled us to look after the overall health and wellness of our family, and by having the opportunity to build your own dream home in a community that’s very close to nature like Terreno South will make it come to fruition. And bringing in the reputable Rockwell brand to Batangas, our lot owners are assured of the same unparalleled service delivery and community living that Rockwell has been known for,” Vinluan concluded.

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