Elevating Family Time: 4 Unique Family Activities To Try

As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, it is wise to continue following safety precautions as people go about their daily lives. Thankfully, despite limitations on movement, time spent with loved ones remains a priority, particularly with those living within your household. 

In fact, time with family is vital for maintaining human connections amidst a pandemic that has necessitated a reliance on digital tools. This is despite the fact that gatherings conducted on platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts cannot provide the same level of social satisfaction nor account for the human cues that underline face-to-face interaction. 

In this article, we share unique family activities to try, including fun ideas you can do in the comforts of home and in the company of each other. 

Organize a themed backyard party

In 1966, Truman Capote organized one of the most iconic themed parties of all time, gathering 540 of his friends for the Black and White Ball. Capote’s invitation-only fête garnered greater publicity than the Academy Awards itself. Inspired by the race track scene from the classic film, My Fair Lady, the famed author asked guests to dress up in black and white and put on a mask. 

Large events may not be possible yet but what lacks in scale can be made up for through concept. Themed parties are a great way to get your household together at home. The need to get dressed as well as the thematic decor and food elevates a simple family gathering to a highly engaging event that everyone will be excited to prepare for.   

Like Capote, you too can look to pop culture or literature for inspiration! 

Do you have young children who are Harry Potter fans? Decorate your dining room like the Great Hall featured in the books and serve the same British treats enjoyed by the students of Hogwarts. Then wrap everything up with a film viewing of their favorite film from the franchise, before sending the kids back to their “dormitories” with loot bags.

Have a penchant for all things K-pop? Challenge family members to get dressed like their favorite stars and award the best dressed! Set the mood with a K-pop playlist and colorful lights. For the menu, serve an authentic Korean spread. If your favorite K-pop band is having an online concert soon, you can even schedule your themed party on the same day. 

Another fun idea for kids is to take the party outdoors for a movie-themed picnic. Make like Carl and Ellie in the movie, Up, and challenge the kids to observe the clouds and name the object that first comes to mind. Or take inspiration from The Secret Life Of Pets, and bring along your furry family members dressed as characters from the film. Complete the picnic with a themed spread and an outdoor movie screening using your laptop or tablet. 

By organizing themed events like the suggestions above, your household gets treated to a festive experience no matter how small the gathering is. Even better, you help create positive memories despite these challenging times.

Commune with nature

Medical experts maintain that getting one’s daily dose of vitamin D through sunlight is vital to improving immunity. But when one visits the great outdoors, the benefits are further amplified.

If you live in provincial cities like Lipa in Batangas, you can enjoy close proximity to destinations that reconnect you with nature. A visit to a dairy farm like Pinkie’s can also function as an educational trip for kids. A wellness-focused destination like The Farm At San Benito, which offers various activities to relax and heal, can serve as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of working or learning from home.

On the other hand, a trip to Bulalacao waterfalls allows the family to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Finally, the Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club provides amenities for outdoor activities like biking or fishing.

Before planning your trip however, consider this: for as long as the destination is currently allowing visitors (most likely at a reduced capacity) and for as long as you do not have family members whose health is fragile, you can proceed with an outdoor activity of your choice. On that note, call beforehand to inquire about any ongoing restrictions and as always, follow basic safety guidelines.

Lastly, if you wish to stay closer to home, walking to your neighborhood pocket park or taking a jog amid tree-lined streets is a safe and easy way to enjoy the outdoors!

Go on a cultural trip

Visiting historic sites is an opportunity to not only see landmarks with a storied past but also to reconnect with one’s culture.

Lipa City is noted for its recreational and nature destinations as much as it is known for its rich history. Nicknamed “Little Rome,” it is home to historic churches like the Casa de Segunda and the San Sebastian Cathedral. In lieu of physically visiting these churches, you and your family can opt to take a joy ride to view the structures from the outside. 

On the other hand, virtual tours are a great alternative to do while home. Groups such as Wander Manila and Old Manila Walks occasionally host tours that take viewers into the streets, halls, and rooms of historic destinations.

Host your own sports competition

Attending school intramurals or live competitions may not be possible for the time being but your family can still enjoy sports together.

If you have access to wide open spaces, you can invite family members for your very own tournament. Alternatively, you can use your own backyard.

Feel free to get creative by coming up with unique challenges. For example, you could try setting up your very own obstacle race at home. Or host a game of badminton or ultimate frisbee to encourage healthy competition among family members. Finally, you can learn a new skill together. Leading by example is an effective strategy for getting children interested in sports, and when you enjoy it together, you could further pique their interest. 

Remember, there is no shortage of fun family activities that you can do together. All it takes is some creativity and an openness to trying new things together. 

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